Indian Pangolin

The Indian Pangolin, also known as 'scaly ant-eater', is a mammal found commonly in India. It majorly feeds on ants and termites. Despite being widely distributed, it is very rarely seen because it is only active at night.

When it is alarmed by presence of a predator or senses any danger, it coils up into a tight ball with its scales forming an impregnable shield. These scales are made up of keratin - the same material human nails & hair are made of.

The mother Pangolin carries her baby on her tail while moving from one place to the other!

Unfortunately - the pangolin is the most illegally trafficked animal in the world. They are rampantly poached for their meat, skin, and scales.

More than 330 tonnes of pangolins and their parts have been seized through enforcement action in Asia from 2015 to 2021.

Global efforts are being taken to curb this illegal hunting & trade, and to safeguard well-being of this magnificent animal.